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Sometimes I write things and put them here.

When I rarely get the urge to write something, I do so here.

Laravel Artisan Cheatsheet API

In October 2023, I updated the Laravel Artisan Cheatsheet to Nuxt 3.x. Along with several other changes, I wanted to add a new feature to the site, an API.

My Git Aliases

Here’s how I alias Git commands and increase my productivity.

Extending Laravel’s "about" Command

Let’s take a look into Laravel’s "about" command and how we can extend it to add our own application / package information.

2022 Recap

With 2022 already being all but a distant memory, I thought it’d be nice to look back at the last year and reflect on the year long journey.

Upgrading macOS with Homebrew

Updates that break Homebrew happen so frequently and I forget how to solve it, that I’ve finally caved and documented it.

PHP Stoke

Introducing PHP Stoke, a meetup for PHP developers in Stoke-on-Trent.

Deployment Hook Error Handling in Envoyer

Laravel’s Envoyer service allows you to break up your deployment process into multiple steps, which makes it really easy to manage deployments. Envoyer runs each step individually, checking the exit code of the last command within the step. Because each deployment step is Bash, if it’s a non-zero exit code then it gets reported back as a failure.

A GitHub Action for Laravel Forge

Today I’m pleased to announce the availability of a new GitHub Action for Laravel Forge deployments.

Laravel Form Request Tip

Over Christmas I started tinkering with a little project to learn about some of the emerging technologies and frameworks that I don't have a chance to play with day to day. For this project, I've been using Jetstream 2 and Inertia.js, which I've loved! I'd like to write a bit more about these when I get chance.

Building The Laravel Artisan Cheatsheet

Introducing the Laravel Artisan Cheatsheet, a bookmarkable and shareable resource for all Laravel's default artisan commands. The source code for this resource is available on GitHub

2020 Recap

I recap on what happened over the year of 2020.

Laravel Localization Case Tips

Here is a little tip for Laravel’s Localization that I discovered today whilst looking through the open Laravel Nova issues. Although it’s documented it’s not well known - at least, I didn’t know about it before today!

Implementing RICE in Trello

At Laravel we use Trello to store all of the ideas we come up with and also any suggestions that are sent to us.

Creating Happiness Out Of Sadness

On the 30th October 2019, I launched Happy Dev a podcast in which I interview software developers and we discuss mental health.

Nova Customisable Resource Fields

This week I’m back working on Laravel Nova, which includes working my way through the nova-issues repo and seeing what’s what.

Not My First Blog Post

We’re about to enter a new decade, so let’s start it with a new blog.

Laravel 4 & Dokku: Queue Workers

How we implemented Laravel 4’s Queue Component in our CRM system for improved email handling and UI responsiveness.