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Not My First Blog Post

Tomorrow brings with it a new year and the start of scribbling out 2019 and writing 2020 for at least the first 4 months.

Earlier today I tweeted my reflection on 2019, starting with the fact that I'm not cool enough to have a blog. I'm a dad now, I need to earn back some cool points, so I thought what better way to start a new decade (yes, it's a new decade...) than to start it with a habit of blogging?

When I was in college, I used to write a blog and filled it with the things I had been learning about and news on projects I'd been working on. Nobody read it, but I felt better for getting my thoughts out. I guess, I treated it like a very nerdy diary.

I'd like to think that I'll fill this with the same kind of useful information, even if it's only useful to me. But of course, it's yet to be seen whether I post beyond today!

Hello World!