November 24, 2020

Forge: Monitoring Notifications With Slack

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Laravel Forge Business customers can take advantage of the simple, but powerful Metric Monitoring tool that we released back in April.

When configuring a new monitor, you must supply an email address that will be notified when a monitor turns from healthy to unhealthy, or back again. A request that I've seen a couple of times is to be able to use Slack notifications for monitors.

As it happens, this is already possible using Slack's "Send email to Slack" functionality. Once you've created a new email address for the channel, you can use it to create your new Monitor:

Creating A Monitor

Now, when the Monitor triggers, you'll receive a notification in your chosen channel:

Slack Notification

You can also customise how emails look within Slack too:

Customising the Slack Email

Of course, you're not limited to only using this in Forge's Monitoring feature, you can use this for other services too.